Apps for Writers

I thought I would share some fun tools. I was App shopping last week and found a couple of cool apps for writers. They are both available on iOS and android. I’ve got them on my kindle fire. They aren’t free, but I think they are worth the 2.99 I paid. 

•One is Lists for Writers. It’s got ideas for character delineation, lists for names, character traits, settings, rhyming words, fun words. and many more. It’s a cool little reference tool. I anticipate getting some use out of this. 

•The other is Story Planner for Writers. This is a template for creating an outline, plotting, and character delineation. I’ve never been much of an outliner. Usually, I start one, then abandon it to just write. Now I have several half baked outlines. I like the looks of this app, and will definitely be giving it a go. 

•I used to use Writers App on my iPhone for outlining and character delineation, but the developer abandoned that app and stopped upgrading it, so it’s unusable now. But… when I was checking the App Store to see if the others were available for iOS, I saw it. Writers App has been replaced with Writers App Basic and Writers App Pro. Basic isn’t worth it to me, it’s not fully functional. Pro is only 1.99. It looks like a nice update to the original, but I didn’t download it. I feel a bit cheated after paying for the upgrade version of the original, just to have it abandoned and replaced. It could possibly be a different developer (the name isn’t on the original), but I doubt it. The name and appearance is too similar. I may download it at some point, because I did really like the original. But for now, Story Planner is the shiny new toy. 

•OK, just one more. Can’t think of a name for your character? Want to find origin and meaning, or make sure it’s a common name for the time era of your story? Check out the Baby Name app on iOS. 

I’ve been making a list of resources for writers. I wish I would have known about some of this stuff a long time ago. Maybe it will help someone else starting out, or even someone who has more experience but could uses some fresh ideas. Keep your eyes open for the new addition to the page! 

The week is almost over. Hope everyone is having a great one!