The Literary Hatchet

Thank you Peartree Press for including two of my poems in this issue of The Literary Hatchet! Here is the link to the current issue for anyone who would like to check it out:

The Literary Hatchet is a contemporary literary journal, publishing short stories and poetry. If you like reading something a little different, a little dark, check out their previous issues too. Their digital issues are available for free download, and they offer hard copies for sale. Here is the link to previous issues: 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Hello, Mommy

It’s been a long time in the works, but my first novel will be here soon. The editorial phase is done and the design team will start working on the cover now. 

Hello, Mommy is about a single mother raising two juvenile delinquents. The struggle is sometimes unbearable, but Cassie’s faith in God is strong. When the older son delves into the occult he finds more than he bargained for, and people could be in danger. 

It won’t be long now. More updates to come!

Site Upgrades 

Good evening, friends! I’ve been working on giving the site a facelift. I think it looks prettier. I’ve also been thinking about ways to be more active and make the site more interesting. Blogging is the popular thing. The problem is, I’m not much of a blogger. So, I’ll be brainstorming. Hopefully, I’ll have more updates soon. 


National Tooth Fairy Day

Special Announcement: Tomorrow is National Tooth Fairy Day! It falls twice a year, on February 28 and August 22. Ok, and it’s not an official national holiday, but how cool is it that the tooth fairy gets two of her own days?

This would be a perfect day to enjoy a tooth fairy book or movie, or make a cool craft with the kids. Can you think of any new traditions that could be implemented on the tooth fairy’s special days?

I’ll be celebrating this glorious day by doing a book signing for my book, Saving the Tooth Fairy, at East Texas Book Fest. It’s at Harvey Hall in Tyler,TX, and I’ll be there from 10-1. 🙂 Can’t wait!

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Tooth Fairy Day!!!

Saving the Tooth Fairy

Here it is, folks – the cover for my new children’s book. This is an exciting journey. Working with the illustrator, Rene Lopez, over the past weeks has been a great learning experience. His hard work is much appreciated. I cannot begin to tell you how great it’s been to watch these characters come to life after all this time. 

The design team at Whitebird Publications is hard at work. We are looking at release the first week in July, possibly the second. I’ll post when I know more. We’re almost there. 🙂